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Tyre inner core valve

This is our No.1 seller in our Automotive range - simply because it prevents you from having a puncture, it works like this;

  1. We remove your inner core valve from your tyre - this is the part where you would normally inflate your tyre - it looks like this when removed (see image on right).
  2. We then attach our Tyre Sealant tube to the tyre valve and we 'pump' in the required amount of Tyre Sealant - inside your tyre - normally around 200ml but it depends on the tyre size.
  3. We then replace the inner core valve, re-inflate your tyre to the correct manufacturers pressure - and that is it!
  4. Our product is guaranteed to seal a puncture wound on the tread pattern area of up to 6mm in diameter on a vehicle and up to 12mm in diameter on slow earth moving equipment.


One time only installation - no topping up - no maintenance - instantly seals puncture wounds - permanent repair - stops rim leaks - maintains tyre pressure - extends the tyre life - dissipates heat inside the tyre - prevents blow outs - safe & secure - no down time - no call out charges - no inconvenience - could save your life.

Manufactured in the uk since 1992 - tried & tested. Works on any tyre with air inside - tubed or tubeless - buses, trucks, trailers, vans, bikes, bicycles etc.

Product Videos

Hammering a nail into a tyre - no loss of air and instant seal!
Driving over nails - no loss of air and instant seal!

Tyresafe Info Sheet

Download our detailed product info sheet for a comprehensive overview of our Tyresafe Tyre Sealant.

Worldwide distributors required - email tyres@montgomeryint.com

This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service.
This work is registered with the UK Copyright Serivce